Main Questions

What are Randalls' fees for renting a property?

Fees for renting a property through Randalls can be found here.

What happens if there is an emergency?

Randalls have an emergency contact number: 07860 189059. Please note this number is for emergency use only and not for general enquiries.

How much notice do I need to provide if I want to move out of the property?

The Tenants' notice period is one month. This notice must be provided in writing or by email to Randalls Property Agents on the rent due date one month before you wish to vacate. If notice is given after the rent due date then the notice will start from the rent due date of the following month.

Other Questions

Randalls Property Agents are members of the Property Ombudsman and operate a complaints procedure. Should you wish to make a formal complaint then please do so in writing or by email to

The tenancy agreement is a contract and allows only for the people named to reside in the property only.

Randalls keep a set of keys to each property and should you need to borrow the keys because you have locked yourself out, that is not a problem. However this can only be guaranteed during normal business hours, and in the event you lock yourself out at a time where no one from Randalls can attend the office, then it is the tenant’s responsibility to arrange and cover the costs of a locksmith.

All tenants' deposits are deposited and registered with the DPS Deposit Protection Scheme details of which can be found here The DPS

Providing there are no disputes over deposit claims relating to rent arrears or damages, then you should receive your deposit back after approximately two weeks. Where deposits are taken into dispute or arbitration the process can last 4 to 8 weeks.

The vast majority of tenancies have a minimum 6 month contract. After that period the contract can continue to roll month to month or a new 6 month term can be arranged. In some circumstances landlords may accept an initial 12 month tenancy contract.

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